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“Being able to receive support from the Aurora Fund has meant the difference between my son being able to access any help or not. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have been made available to our whanau as a result. Thank you so much.”

Aurora’s heart-felt wish is to make our therapies truly accessible. To this end, we have set up the Aurora Fund through our charitable status to support people in financial hardship, so they are able to receive a subsidy towards the therapies on offer.


Once you are a client in a therapeutic relationship with an Aurora practitioner you can talk to your therapist about access to the subsidy through the Aurora Fund.

We warmly welcome gifts and donations to this fund, so that it enables our work to flow out into all corners of our community, enabling the warmth, enlivenment and nourishment of our therapies and therapeutic relationships to reach people where needed.

As part of our ongoing fundraising, there is always an assortment of craft work for sale from 37 Pretoria Street, Lower Hutt. Please pop in and talk to one of us working there. 


You can Donate here:  

Aurora Collective Incorporated            


Please put your name and contact details in the reference, or get in touch, so that we can send you a tax receipt for your gift.



Charitable Status:

Aurora Collective Incorporated

registered 20/06/2017

registration number: CC54753

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