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Our membership consists of professionals in private practice, in employment and retired contributing members. We meet every Thursday morning for two hours around the needs of our clients. Their questions and challenges form the core of our work during these meetings. This can happen through client reflections (confidential and consented) or shared study and insights, drawing from our collective years of experience.


We are aware that, around the collective of therapists, is another, wider group of people supporting the client in their search for health. This circle is made up of the parents and families, the teachers, colleagues, partners, and friends of the clients that come through our door. These are the people that support the client in their daily rhythms and needs. By doing so, they also support our endeavours to help the client step out of our door again, with renewed confidence into the world.

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Practicing Therapists

Ava Ruth Baker

Shelley Bignell

Judy Frost-Evans

Lut Hermans

Lindy Peters

Marcia Pollock

Janet Thomson

Fabienne Ussher

Kirsty Winter

Retired and Contributing Members


Uta Stoll-Kuwilsky

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