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Founding member of Aurora Collective | Extra Lesson(R) Practitioner: Grad Dip Ed: Learning Difficulties (2003)

Teacher: H Dip Ed (1983) | Extra Lesson(R) Training Facilitator: The Extra Lesson Institute (TELI) Australia (2013)

NZ Rep, Member of the Asia Pacific Extra Lesson Association (APELA)


About myself and my work:

I started out as a Math's and Biology teacher in a large, over crowded high school in one of South Africa’s townships. Apartheid’s policies of inequality, racism and brutality had impacted on many young people’s learning and social well-being. Crucial to being able to meet the needs and challenges presenting, was finding opportunities that would sincerely invite interest and participation 'into the learning experience’ so that greater purposeful creativity might be set in motion. The student’s appreciation of humour, movement, dance, singing, rhythms, art and story became the doorway through which the subject content and also life’s questions could be explored. This somewhat ‘unconventional’ methodology for teaching math's and science, ensured engagement and this, coupled with relational warmth and firm, safe boundaries,  afforded that trust was incrementally strengthened to pave the way for improved learning successes. I began to grasp how the elements of ‘warmth/connection/trust', intrinsically aligned to health of the human heart, are indeed vital keys for navigating the unknown. To those young lives, striving for a place of purpose and belonging, I will forever be indebted.

My happy marriage to a Kiwi, brought me to Aotearoa, where I initially worked with a class of adolescents who had been ‘removed’ from the general mainstream due to persistent challenging behaviours. This experience further ignited my deep interest in what underpins the human-being accessing and unfolding the innate faculties and capacities that each one has. How does human development and learning come about – what empowers self agency to really unfurl?

These experiences in classrooms, lead me to the Extra Lesson® Approach some 23 years ago. And with this, came the shift from class teaching to individual therapy work with students.  

I took up a position at Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School over some 16 years, which involved the delivery of the Extra Lesson approach; the co-ordination of special education needs (-including Anthroposophical school doctor facilitation); Auditory Retraining Assessments and support; Classroom support; and liaising with Ministry of Education agencies (RTLB; Learning Support Services).

Since 2013, I have also worked as an Extra Lesson® Training Course Co-ordinator (lecturer/facilitator) for The Extra Lesson Institute, and am currently running an inaugural Extra Lesson Practitioner Training in South Africa.

I much enjoy spending time in the mountains and wild places of Aotearoa, and participating in conservation efforts.

At present I am working in private practice in Lower Hutt, and continue to be inspired, challenged and guided by the ever evolving questions - the dynamic creative blueprint of our human striving.



  • Extra Lesson® Sessions $60 

  • Extra Lesson® Assessment $450 (includes 2.5 hrs assessment;  a written report; and a feedback-discussion appointment)


37 Pretoria Street, Lower Hutt

About The Extra Lesson® Programme

The Extra Lesson® Programme, is central to the work I undertake in:

  • Individual developmental learning support for children and adolescents. 

  • The area of consultancy for teachers, parents, and schools.


The Extra Lesson® is a neuro-development based assessment and intervention approach that addresses learning and behavioural challenges - while also recognising the strengths, interests and gifts which sit at the core of every individual.


The Extra Lesson® Programme, was developed by Audrey McAllen (an educator/ researcher), who worked with the indications of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of human development. Today, this comprehensive body of work is greatly underpinned by ongoing research in the fields of neuroscience, nutrition and health.

The Extra Lesson paradigm holds that the human faculties of thinking, feeling and willing has its foundations in the early stages of development pertaining to the first seven years of life. In this period, the ignition and maturation of our neural system (primarily through movement), results in the attainment of three fundamental core areas:

  • spatial integration

  • body awareness

  • sensory integration


These directly impact our ability to learn and self-regulate. The Extra Lesson approach actively supports the consolidation and maturation of these core areas. Extra Lesson’s holistic approach combines movement, co-ordination, balance, concentration exercises, speech, rhythm and painting to facilitate the consolidation of healthy neural patterns.The Extra Lesson approach supports the needs of people with the following: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, physical coordination difficulties; dyspraxia, as well as reading, maths and spelling difficulties. An individualised Extra Lesson® programme involves a thorough developmental assessment that focuses on the underlying capacities needed to achieve fullest potential. Regular sessions (usually weekly) are undertaken over the course of approximately a year, and are tailored to each person’s needs.

To book a session or ask for further information, contact Lindy at

About my Educational-Developmental Consultancy

As a registered teacher, I am able to undertake and offer:

  • Classroom observations and feedback discussions with teachers; 

  • Educational-developmental assessments and recommendations (e.g. for children in Class 1/Y0;  Class 3/Y4). These assessments have contributed towards Ministry of Education (MOE) requirements in the identifying of ‘barriers’ to learning;

  • Learning support programmes (movement based) for whole classes - e.g. ‘Movable Classroom’

  • Professional development talks e.g. -What Underpins Learning; -The Care of the Senses


To book a session or ask for further information, contact Lindy at


“My two children both worked with Lindy throughout their Lower School years, with the Extra Lesson.  Lindy connects with children in a very special way, with warmth, humour and kindness but also with a firmness that gains respect.  Working with Lindy was often a highlight of their week.  

Lindy is a true expert in her field.  I will always hold a special place in my heart, filled with gratitude to Lindy for the wisdom and care she shared with our whānau.”

Parent: April 2021


 “I deeply appreciate Lindy’s skills in understanding the developmental pictures of children and the significance of this for learning and behaviour. Through observations and assessments Lindy is able to offer insights into who the child is and what support they would benefit from to allow their full potential to flourish. Every conversation I have with Lindy about a child, provides me with ideas and further ways to support children.

When working in the Extra Lesson programme, Lindy builds warm relationships with both tamariki and whānau to support the best outcomes and is dedicated to the success of those she works with.” 


Teacher: August 2021

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