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We acknowledge that the human being is a threefold being, through the manifestation and expression of body, soul and spirit. The health of an individual is revealed through a harmonious interplay within this threefoldness.


Health and illness are dynamic processes, particular to each person’s individual biography, always offering opportunities for growth. Our vision is to offer therapeutic processes that provide a dynamic activity to bring balance and harmony between these three aspects of our being in such a way that the client may experience health, wellbeing, understanding and personal insight.

Health can be supported on a daily basis, through being mindful and conscious of our nutrition, our rhythms of activity and rest, and also by the quality of our thoughts and feelings. When we do find ourselves more or less out of balance, we seek help to restore what was lost.

All the therapies offered through Aurora support clients to take an active role in restoring this balance, in acute health situations, but also with more persistent conditions. Some therapies look at the question of where illness fits in biography: ‘What is it teaching me? How can I grow and learn from it? What are its gifts to me? Whilst others may look at how early development underlies current challenges, for example in academic and social skills.

With our wide range of therapeutic interventions, Aurora therapists provide care for the body and all its physiological processes as well as for the feeling life of soul, the sense of self and the individuality of our clients. We believe that the integration of all these levels is what brings health and resilience. 

Aurora Collective therapies complement mainstream medicine and add an extra dimension to healing. Our practitioners are trained in both mainstream and complementary (e.g. anthroposophic) approaches.

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