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SHELLEY BIGNELL | Registered Nurse (1980), PGCert Palliative Care (2010), Diploma in Holistic Health, Taruna (2014)

About me

I have a varied nursing background (Medical, Psychiatric and Geriatric) however have mainly worked in Palliative Care. I loved the fifteen years I spent working at a hospice first, as an inpatient nurse and then as a community nurse.

During my time at the hospice, I was supported to do Anthroposophic nursing training at Taruna, Hawkes Bay. A colleague and I established a Supportive Nursing Therapies Clinic at the hospice where we cared for patients of all ages in the clinic and in the person’s home. The Supportive nursing therapies addressed a number of patient’s needs including pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, sleep disorders and their feelings of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I now work from Aurora two days a week with flexibility to see clients outside these days.

I am part of a large extended family and am a mother, grandmother and daughter of an inspiring mother in her nineties. I love being in nature and travelling to new places. I also love learning new things and am so glad that I worked with an anthroposophic nurse who made me curious about why the patients all slept well after being seen by her. My life and work took an unexpected course into anthroposophic healing because of this.

About my work

The anthroposophic nurses draws on the understanding that the human being is a physical being with soul and spirit. The focus is on the person’s health and how to support well-being rather than being disease focused.

We understand the importance of warmth and rhythm in every human being. Our breathing, bodily functions, sleep and well-being are some examples are where we can lack warmth and rhythm and can feel unwell, exhausted, sad or distressed. 

We use therapies such as gentle rhythmical massage (Rhythmical Einreibung), foot baths, oil cloths, warm compresses and steam inhalations to support the person’s own healing forces. The therapies can ease the path through an illness; regain balance between the thinking, feeling and willing systems and can help the person to feel that they are more themselves again.


022 6034 238 – please text first indicating who you are and that you are interested in nursing therapy. I will call you and get some background information and make a time to see you.



  • $65- $85 

  • Please discuss the amount you can pay.

  • Children pay the lesser rate.

  • Rest time after a therapy is considered as important as the therapy itself.  

  • Please allow 60-75 minutes for an appointment.



My private practice is based at Aurora in Lower Hutt, 37 Pretoria Street.

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