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Founding member of Aurora Collective | Eurythmy Diploma 1976, Steiner Education Diploma 1984, Eurythmy Therapy Diploma 1993, Hakomi Diploma 2013



About myself and my work

After many years as a teacher in the art of movement, I shifted my focus from education to healing and graduated as an eurythmy therapist in 1993. 

My interactions with children allowed me to see that within each of us the child lives on. Often this intrinsic part of us has unanswered needs calling to be witnessed - for support, for understanding, for freedom of expression, for unconditional love. 

This realisation led me to study Hakomi in 2013 as an insightful framework for therapy. This has greatly enriched my therapeutic work. I find that Eurythmy and Hakomi are  profound and mutually complementary approaches to healing.

I am a mother and grandmother and my family is all important to me. I enjoy the support of my husband, my friends and my colleagues at Aurora . I am enriched by being in nature, travelling, working in my garden and tending my home. 


021 110 2340


$85 per session 



19 Bristol Square, Lower Hutt

About Hakomi

The Hakomi Method is a gentle, compassionate form of therapy based in mindful awareness of the body. It draws from several other evidence-based therapies and incorporates concepts from the latest neuroscience research.

Mindfulness allows the non-judgmental study of our present moment-to-moment experience. By becoming aware of what is happening in the present, we can recognise our hidden patterns and habits.  Once awakened to these previously unconscious processes, we are then able to make new choices about our ways of behaving and being in the world. Many people find this to be powerfully liberating and healing.

The therapist works with an attitude of loving presence, encouraging a stance of curiosity, compassion, and acceptance for all that may arise during a therapeutic session.

Acknowledging the connection between mind, body and spirit leads us to a more unified, integrated sense of self. Hakomi honours the essential self as the instrument for transformation and healing. 

My approach to my Hakomi work

I have found Hakomi to be a powerful and effective therapy for alleviating depression and anxiety, healing past trauma, working through grief, navigating relationships and self-empowerment. I invite my clients into a warm partnership where we can slow down and safely observe their present self-awareness. This starting point allows a deepening into core issues. I create and hold a safe space that allows the client to witness their challenges with curiosity alongside resistance. By maintaining an open, non-reactive attitude, transformational insights, new horizons and choices can arise for the client.

To book a Hakomi session or ask for further information, contact Janet on 021 110 2340 or

About Eurythmy

Eurythmy is an active movement therapy which stimulates the life forces and powers of healing in the human body.  It involves movements and gestures to express the sounds of speech or music.

Eurythmy  generates an experience of integration and alignment between the sense of self, the emotions and the body. It strengthens self-connection, promotes calmness and activates the will in the healing process. Many clients also notice improved posture, mobility, balance, breathing and circulation.

My approach to Eurythmy Therapy

After an initial consultation I develop your personalised programme of movements, to be practiced daily at home. I will often use imagery from nature or ordinary life situations to evoke associative feelings that add meaning to the gestures. 

Typically a course of therapy  will consist of 7 to 14 sessions, on a weekly basis, although this can vary depending on individual needs and circumstances. 

I also facilitate weekly group sessions and lead professional workshops.

To book a Eurythmy session or ask for further information, contact Janet on 021 110 2340 or


"Janet is a warm-hearted, intuitive, and wise therapist, who demonstrates great care for her clients. From doing Hakomi therapy with Janet, I feel more embodied and have developed a greater understanding of myself both cognitively and on a deeper 'knowing' level. I would highly recommend Janet as a therapist!"


"When I started Hakomi Therapy with Janet I was in a troublesome state as I had just left an abusive marriage. At that point I was feeling small, weak, vulnerable, overwhelmed, confused, worthless and needy. The last 18 months of Janet’s sessions have proven to transform me as those states are no longer a part of my everyday experience. Each session offers a new layer of knowing, forgiveness and acceptance. Whatever I am facing at the time, a solution will emerge and a path will appear. I cannot recommend Janet’s sessions more highly."


"Janet Thomson is a eurythmist extraordinaire.  Her Friday morning group values her unique, mindfully presenced art of eurythmy for its insightful depth and richness. Janet holds the space with grace. Creating imaginative, meaningful pictures that inspire our movement, Janet works with warmth, wisdom and wit. Always present are her sensitivity, humility and respect. One leaves with gratitude and a sense of renewal."


"I look forward to my weekly eurythmy group sessions led by Janet Thomson as part of my

self-care routine. Her sense of humour makes the sessions fun and sociable. Janet’s deep

knowledge of therapeutic eurythmy, her concern for the wellbeing of attendees make the sessions

healing and nourishing."

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